woman in white

A Woman in White, a classic gothic trope

If you’re into Dickens, you might know Miss Jenny Wren, the dolls’ dressmaker and “person of the house” to whom I owe my pen name (along with another Dickensian hero). I’m a seamstress (who had a tiny sewing business for 13.5 years) now applying some of those skills to practicing dollmaking and dolls’ dressmaking! Another instance where Art influences Life, perhaps…? A hopeless reader and daydreamer, I can well understand Lizzie Hexam’s tendency to stare at the hearth and see things in the hollow down by the flare.

Currently, I’m finishing edits to a modern-gothic novel, my “love letter to Dickens” repped by Maura Phelan of Green Light Literary (under the pen name, Sydney Wren).

If you’d like a bit of additional Dickensian whimsy in your life, feel free to check out my other blog, or even join the 2022-23 Dickens Chronological Reading Club!