Haydn Crowe, Dana Rail, and Sydney Wren are three YA, SFF, Fantasy, and Gothic fiction writers.

Separated by geography (from East Coast to West, from New York to Oregon), we are united by shared sensibilities, Zoom, our passion for all genres of imaginative storytelling, and our passion for our own fiction projects—some of which are being co-written.

Since blogging can be lonely business (and a time-suck), we figured, since we’re working together on several projects anyway, we might as well blog together to boot.

Hence this blog on the reading (and viewing, and writing) of “genre” fiction in the various print, film, and digital media.

In the beginning, as we get the design and technicalities of the site up to speed, and ourselves into a regular blogging groove, our posting may be a tad sporadic. Especially if we’re deep into a project.

To boot, we all three incline towards long-form blogging, intended for readers who find curling up under the blankets with five hundred page epic novels comforting rather than intimidating, and that kind of blogging takes time.

We hope that many of you will find your time spent here rewarding. If so, please consider subscribing:

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